Winter shelters: essentials

Start the day off right without having to shovel your driveway.

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Customized winter shelters to simplify your life

Winter shelters are a must for protection against the weather during our severe winters. Custom designed for specific needs, winter shelters are the perfect solution for enclosing an existing structure, a carport, an exit or an outdoor staircase, a gallery, the underside of a patio, a business facade, a wooden pavilion, etc. Why not make the most of a custom-made solution!

With over 50 years of experience, Canevas Saint-Antoine specializes in the design and installation of custom winter shelters and awnings. We are known for the excellence of our services and the quality of our delivered products, which perfectly meet the needs of our customers thanks to the possibility of customization and our ability to provide custom solutions for any project. All our shelters are designed and manufactured in our factory with local and passionate expertise.

We offer the service of storing your shelter in our premises in complete security. We also offer maintenance and repair services to make sure your shelter lasts longer and looks like new.

Let us make your life easier. Contact us for a quick and free quote on our different products and to offer you a custom service that is second to none!

What is a winter shelter?

The winter shelter is a removable structure covered with a canvas that can be found, for example, in residential parking lots across the province. It protects you from the cold season’s bad weather and saves you from having to clear the snow after each storm.
Please note that there are a few municipal bylaws that must be respected or you risk fines. Check with your municipality to make sure you can install a winter shelter.

Advantage of a custom-made winter shelter

Designed to meet specific needs, a winter shelter allows you to secure your environment, protect your customers or your employees, make your life easier or solve a particular problem.

We use our extensive expertise and know-how to custom design and manufacture higher-quality winter shelters for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. That’s why companies such as Bell Helicopter Textron, Airbus, Bombardier, Messier-Dowty (Safran Group), Paccard and Nova Bus as well as several hospitals, CHSLDs and CLSCs call on our team to respond to their specific needs.

Our winter shelters are manufactured with the highest-quality materials available in the industry.

Our custom-made shelters are made with acrylic fabrics (Sunbrella, Dickson, Ultrasol, Tempotest, etc.) or superior-quality vinyl (Ferrari 502, Stam, Ennis 1974, Solstice 86-92-99, Solstice Air, etc.). Structures are made of galvanized steel or natural gray or painted aluminum.

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Portico shelter

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Discover now our complete line of custom shelters that we offer to simplify your life and protect you from the elements:

Winter Shelters – Industrial

Canevas Saint-Antoine puts all its expertise at your disposal to offer you industrial shelters designed with high quality materials and highly skilled local labor. Industrial winter shelters are the ideal solution to protect your equipment and machinery from the elements of the Quebec winter.

Winter carports for cars

We offer tempo style winter shelters for your vehicles. Thanks to our custom made carports, you will be sure to have a winter carport adapted to your driveway and the dimensions of your vehicle(s). In order to install a winter carport, it is strongly recommended to contact your municipality to find out the requirements for the installation of a winter carport in your area.

Winter shelters – Basement entrance

Our downspout winter shelters are useful to protect you from the winter weather. This outdoor shelter is custom made for a better match with your home and/or a perfect connection with other types of shelters such as the winter carport.

Winter Shelter – Patio

Entirely custom built, our winter shelters offer a layer of protection for your patio by ensuring maximum security and protection against the elements of the Quebec winter: snow, wind and ice.

Winter shelters – Portico

Canevas Saint Antoine’s custom-made portico winter shelters are the perfect solution to limit air infiltration and snow gusts to your home. Since they are customizable, porch winter shelters can be connected to any other shelter, offering a better match with your home.

For more information, visit the portico shelters page

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