Curtains and shade cloths: for greater comfort

Protect yourself from the sun with our custom-made curtains

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Custom outdoor curtains

Curtains and shade cloths protect you from the sun, insects and the weather. In addition, they shelter you from prying eyes. Curtains and shade cloths are the perfect solution to close an existing structure, a patio, a balcony or a pergola with a rigid roof.

Advantages of curtains and shade cloths

We offer you a vast choice: mosquito-net curtains that protect you while allowing you to see outside; des clear plastics that shelter you from the rain, the wind and the cold; light and aesthetic shade cloths that protect you from the weather and enhance your environment; and privacy screens for balconies that improve your quality of life.

Clear plastics

Remain in the shade on your terrace.

Mosquito-net curtains

Don't be afraid of mosquitoes.

Blackout curtains

Protect your privacy on your terrace.
toile d'ombrage

Shade cloths

Treat yourself to shade in style.

Industrial curtains

Keep your employees and assets safe.

Our advantages

Find out why thousands of people have trusted us for over 50 years.


No matter the size of your project, we have the expertise and infrastructure to make it happen.

After sales service

Let our expert team help you maintain your investment so it lasts longer


Enjoy your daily life without dreading bad weather for years to come.

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