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We offer an awning storage service to ensure that your awnings are stored in the best possible conditions and benefit from adequate insurance coverage. If you do not have the space required to store them at home, at your place of business or company, or if you simply don’t want to worry about them, you can entrust your awnings to us; it’s convenient and easy.

We also offer a maintenance service for awnings, which allows you to have them securely stored and cleaned at the same time!


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Since you want your awnings to last as long as possible and to remain looking new, you must ensure that they are properly maintained. In the fall, they need to be taken down from their structure and dried out; fallen leaves and spider webs that have accumulated over summer must be removed. For an additional cost, they can be cleaned and given another waterproofing treatment in the factory. This will bring back their initial lustre.

In addition, we offer an awning repair service. When being disassembled and dried, if we find that repairs are necessary, we will advise you of the work to be done and the related costs. If your awnings are still under warranty, and depending on the nature of the repairs, it is possible that there will be no charge for this service. With your consent, we will carry out the necessary repairs during winter to ensure that your awnings are ready and in great shape for the summer.

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A true PRO!
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Professional and courteous service. Turnkey manufacturing, installation, removal and storage. I recommend them!

- Catherine P.

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Repair of custom awnings and shelters


Before replacing your awning or shelter, consider repairing it. It will be more economical and allow you to enjoy your investment longer.
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