Solar screens: comfort and aesthetics

Beautify your outdoor space while providing shade.

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shade cloths

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Shade cloths

Light and aesthetic solar screens protect you from the weather and embellish your environment.

On top of adding a nice cachet to your home, these screens, which protect you from intense sunlight, preserve your privacy. Solar screens are a must during summer.

What is a shade cloth?

A shade cloth (also known as a shade sail) is a cloth specially designed to create a shaded area without compromising the aesthetics of the yard. At Canevas St-Antoine, we can customize a shade cloth in the patterns and colors of your choice to perfectly match your outdoor décor. The shade cloth can be hung from the stakes, shutters or even trees.

Advantages of shade cloths

Multifunctional, the shade cloths :

  • Protect you from the sun and bad weather in addition to sheltering you from prying eyes.
  • Add comfort to your yard: no need to go inside if the heat is unbearable or if the sun blinds you.
  • Adapt perfectly to your outdoor space and your needs: shade cloths can be attached to an existing structure (patio, balcony or pergola with a rigid roof) or to a fabricated structure.


Custom made shade cloth

At Canevas St-Antoine, we offer you the flexibility to choose the shape, fabrics and dimensions of your choice. It is important to us that the shade area fits perfectly in your relaxation area or children’s play area so that you can enjoy your yard without being limited in space.

The shape 

According to your tastes and preferences, we can manufacture any shape: rectangular, square, triangular or any other trapezoidal shape…


The fabrics 

We offer a wide range of fabrics to suit your needs:


  • Opt for stretch mesh if you want to protect yourself from the sun without hiding the view of the sky.
  • Choose acrylic fabric if you want to protect yourself from wind, rain and sun.
  • Install a solar canvas if you are looking for protection from the sun and prying eyes.

Canevas Saint Antoine offers these fabrics in more than 300 different colors and patterns to perfectly match your outdoor décor. In addition, they are made with the best materials in the industry.



The shade cloth can be hung on stakes designed for this purpose, on the shutters of the house or even on trees.

We adapt to your outdoor space to create the optimal shade solution.

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