Custom-made cloths: according to your tastes and needs

Let our experts bring your project to life with our custom canvas

Why choose

custom-made canvas?

These custom-made cloths are perfect for your specific needs. Whether for your home or business, we can manufacture the cloths that you need by the unit or in small quantities.

Advantage of custom-made cloths

Designed to meet specific needs, these custom-made cloths give you a range of benefits. They allow you to customize your environment, protect your property, make your life easier, solve a particular problem, or take your projects one step further.

We make use of our extensive expertise and know-how to design and manufacture superior-quality custom-made cloths for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. That’s why companies such as Bell Helicopter Textron, Airbus, Bombardier, Messier-Dowty (Safran group), Paccard and Nova Bus as well as several hospitals, CHSLDs and CLSCs call on our to our team to meet their specific needs.


Bioclimatic pergola

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abris portique

Portico shelter

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toile sur mesure

Custom-made cloths

Our custom-made cloths

Patio heater

Our patio heater

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