About Canevas Saint-Antoine

Whether it is in the residential, commercial or industrial sector, our clientele, from Quebec and Ontario, is very diversified and has specific needs that we meet with flying colors!

The philosophy of Canevas St-Antoine is simple: we do not sell products, we meet a need!

In the background

Canevas Saint-Antoine is a company that specializes in custom awnings and shelters. With over 50 years of experience, our team can help you achieve great projects for your deck or business. We are the only company whose construction is fully customizable to provide custom solutions for any project.


As time goes by

Discover how Canevas Saint-Antoine has become the reference in Quebec for the manufacture of custom awnings and shelters.


A family adventure

At the beginning of the adventure, there is a pioneer: Mrs. Cécile Thinel-Péladeau. From the simple desire to help the people she and her family met on their family camping trips, a dynamic company was born that knew how to adapt to the needs of its customers. Joined in the adventure by her son Ronald, Canevas St-Antoine expands and diversifies to become what it is today; an innovative and outstanding company.

Diversification of the range of products offered

True dynamos, mother and son, work tirelessly and, from the initial services of making and repairing camping tarps, boat tarps are added, as well as specialized tarps for heavy machinery, the paper industry, manufacturing, aeronautics, etc. Residential and commercial awnings as well as shade cloths complete a wide range of standard and custom products.


A daring enterprise

Visionary people and inspired designers have also trusted Canevas St-Antoine to complete their projects. Thus, the company has developed an expertise in the development and realization of innovative and daring projects.

Canevas St-Antoine, an innovative and unusual company!

Our Services

Store in the best conditions


Don't waste an afternoon to store your investment in your garage. Let our experts make your life easier.
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Repair of custom awnings and shelters


Before replacing your awning or shelter, consider repairing it. It will be more economical and allow you to enjoy your investment longer.
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Our Advantages


With over 50 years of experience and high quality standards, we are committed to providing you with the best customer service.


Whatever the shape, whatever the size, we create custom products that will enhance your outdoor space and your quality of life.

A Quebec-based workforce

We pride ourselves on bringing your projects to life with local and passionate expertise.

Attention to detail is our priority, both in our service and in the way we build your projects.

Rest assured that by entrusting us with the design of your product, you will be accompanied from the signing of the contract to the installation.

Even once the project is installed, we offer an after-sales service to facilitate its maintenance.



They trust us

Our partners

We choose the best suppliers to build your large-scale projects.

What they say about us

Testimonials from our customers

Since 1972, we have helped thousands of people with their outdoor space.

A true PRO!
Even for a small project.
Thank you for your professionalism.

- Eric C

Professional and courteous service. Turnkey manufacturing, installation, removal and storage. I recommend them!

- Catherine P.