Window awnings combine business with pleasure. In addition to adding a nice cachet to your home, this type of awning helps to ensure your privacy and protects you from intense sunlight.


Window awnings are the ideal solution to protect the interior of your home against intense sunlight and prevent the discoloration of your furniture. These awnings are also highly appreciated in very hot weather for maintaining freshness and a comfortable temperature in the home.

All our window awnings are custom designed and manufactured to harmonize with the style of your residence or business. They adapt perfectly to the shape and size of your windows. We offer you several shapes of window awnings: straight awnings, basket awnings, carriage awnings, bell awnings, blinds, etc. We also offer a wide range of colours to meet your tastes and your needs.

In addition, our window awnings are manufactured with the highest-grade materials available in the industry.

Our awnings are made of acrylic fabrics (Sunbrella, Dickson, Ultrasol, Tempotest, etc.) or superior-quality vinyl (Ferrari 502, Stam, Ennis 1974, Solstice 86-92-99, Solstice Air, etc.). Structures are made of galvanized steel or natural gray or painted aluminum.

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