Among the different types of awnings, retractable awnings are an ideal solution to protect you from the blazing sun or light rain. In addition, they allow you to make the most of the light whenever you want.


This type of awning readily adapts to your needs. The retractable awning, which opens either manually or by a motor, allows you to determine the distance you need to protect yourself from the sun or light rain, depending on the temperature and the time of day.

Most of our opening mechanisms for retractable awnings allow you to adjust the height of the valence. You can also add an automatic device to the electric mechanism, which opens the awning as soon as the sun appears and closes it as soon as the wind velocity increases.

In addition, our retractable awnings are manufactured with the highest-grade materials available in the industry.

Our awnings are made of acrylic fabrics (Sunbrella, Dickson, Ultrasol, Tempotest, etc.) or superior-quality vinyl (Ferrari 502, Stam, Ennis 1974, Solstice 86-92-99, Solstice Air, etc.). Structures are made with galvanized steel or natural gray or painted aluminum.

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