We offer a repair service for awnings. When being disassembled and dried, if we find that repairs are necessary, we advise you of the work to be done and the related costs. If your awnings are still under warranty, and depending on the nature of the repairs, it is possible that there will be no charge for this work. With your consent, we will carry out the repairs during winter, so that your awnings are in tiptop shape for summer.


Since you want your custom-made awnings and shade cloths to last as long as possible and remain looking new, it is essential to maintain and repair them. In the fall, they must be taken down from their structure and dried; leaves and spider webs that have accumulated over the summer must be removed. For an additional cost, they can be cleaned and given a new waterproofing treatment in the factory, which brings back their initial lustre.

Kill two birds with one stone: make the most of our awning storage service and have them cleaned at the same time!

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